Monday, November 10, 2008

response to lets talk sense G Times News

yes! lets all Thank God our Government realizes that US commercial fishermen are destroying everything in the ocean. And while we're at it we can all sleep better at night knowing that big oil companies are providing homes for all those homeless fish out in the oceans with every offshore platform built on the ocean! (bet a lot of people didn't know there was a homeless fish problem in the oceans! One of the many stupid reasons given by oil companies as to why building offshore oil platforms is an actual benefit to fish ad other marine life. Oil drilling platforms create habitats for fish!) And what planet are you living on, there most certainly are swordfish. Below are two paragraphs taken from the most up to date NOAA FishWatch and the NMFS as it pertains to the North Atlantic Swordfish. "2006 – October stock assessment estimates that biomass of North Atlantic swordfish is approximately 99% of BMSY" "2007 – U.S. regulations are amended implementing two recommendations from ICCAT; establishes baseline quotas and sets caps on the carryover of underharvests; facilitates the transfer of 15% of the North Atlantic swordfish baseline quota into the reserve category, which would allow it to be transferred to other ICCAT parties with quota allocations; also establishes an option for website catch reporting in the angling and charter/headboat groups"So tell me PLEASE!!! just what is the NOAA and NMFS reporting about in this official report?

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