Sunday, November 9, 2008

resonse to article in Gloucester times

Well, let's think about this for a minute! How much Common Sense does the average citizen of Massachusetts possess? Hmmm Well, we don't possess the Common Sense to know how to safely transport children in our vehicles, isn't that why there is a state law requiring all children within a certain age and weight limit be transported in a 5 point Federally approved child safe seat? Oh and we lack the common sense to use seat belts when driving our vehicles, isn't that why a law was passed requiring everyone in a moving vehicle to wear a seat belt?And none of us possess the common sense to make a mentally sound decision regarding the exposure to second hand smoke. And now we are found to be Lacking in dietary common sense!!! Thank God the Government is there to save me from my forever increasing lack of Common Sense!!!! How have any of us continued to survive with out this help!!!!! (All of the above is Sarcastically written) Thank God I have some how been adequately educated to realize such an explanation might be needed!

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