Sunday, November 9, 2008

a post by me about Federal fishing regulations

What??? Are you suggesting that Federal Fish Regulations are at the root of the failing fishing industry that historically populated and successfully financed the Cape Ann Area????? No it can't be!!!????? (above is all very sarcastically written) Perhaps all of Cape Ann needs to be outraged at the Federal Government and the Regulations it has for years placed on the Fishing Communities of New England. Every Year as I look at the changes the FEDS make to these regulations. The fishing regulations become more and more stringent. And if you look back over the years of when this began, any reasonable person of average intelligence can see a systematic Federal Plan to make the New England fisherman and fishing business extinct. It is like a form of economic genocide. Think back just 15 years ago and what the numbers were for those working in the Fishing industry just within the City of Gloucester! Now look at how much those numbers have decreased! An entire work force brought to destruction because of UNREASONABLE federal regulations! Regulations I might add that are NOT internationally supported. An industry that very likely had more independent self supporting workers then any other business industry within the United States. This has not just happened in New England though. It has happen through out all Fishing communities in the United States. Look at the Sword Fishing industry. When the irrational and unreasonable Federal restrictions were finally lifted in that fishing industry. Most of the people that held Federal Licenses for Sword Fishing were no longer in business. Those Americans has to sink or swim financially. And so now who are the people that hold the Federal Licenses to Sword Fishing in American waters???? Well do a Google search about that industry and I am sure most Americans will be shocked and out raged when they find out what happened to those Federal Licenses. No one is actively out raged over what is happening, because it has been happening in a slow but deadly systematic fashion. It just amazes me though, when I think about the outrage and financial support people showed the Farmers Of America when that industry was failing. And now there is the worry and concern for the National Auto companies and the financial downfall of these really huge corporations. People through out this Country should be out rage and start demanding Federal Support for an industry that historically in this nation was one of the largest initial industries that financially backed the growth of this Nation. If the oceans are over fished it is not the American Fishing industry that has done the over fishing. Search the Internet for information related to European fishing Quotas. And while your at it, look up how much fish is now being imported into this county and by whom? Perhaps information like this will light a fuse of outrage in the social conscience of the American public!!!! Note: I cannot even begin to start on the Federal Funds given to Farmers, multi-millionaire Farmers!!! That issue alone makes my blood boil!!!! Talk about wasted tax dollars!!!!!

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