Sunday, November 9, 2008

law enforcements use of funding

Gloucester and Essex will share $200,000 in anti-gang and anti-youth violence grant money with eight other area cities and towns. This first paragraph is from the Times dtd August 27, 2007. SO my first Question is.... If there is believed to be no Gangs in this Area why did Gloucester apply and receive these State Funds? This following 2 paragraphs are also cut from the above mentioned article; "Gangs don't have borders, so I like the communication part," said Gloucester police Lt. Kathleen Auld, who got the details together for the city's application. "Representatives from the communities meet to discuss the issues in their cities and towns and they decide where to send the officers" hired with the grant.Gloucester applied as a part of the Southern Essex Coalition, a group that includes Beverly, Danvers, Essex, Marblehead, Melrose, Peabody, Salem, Saugus and Swampscott.2nd Question, Lt. Kathleen Auld how many new police officers were hired using these State Funds?3rd Question. Were those officer's that were involved in this arrest part of this Southern-Essex Anti-Gang Coalition? Will the city of Gloucester use part of the anti-gang funds to prosecute these two village idiots???? Has anyone from the Gloucester Police Department supplied a report on how these Funds were used?????? And if someone has, where can I find a copy. After all these funds were supplied by the state, so any reports made are a matter of public record!? RIGHT???!!!! I know that the tax payers in the Cape Ann Area would like to know that the increase of taxes in this area is not due to the misappropriation of State Funds supplied to the Cape Ann area to specifically fund certain activities or programs necessary for keeping the peace and securing the safety of all Cape Ann residents!!!! Is there anyone in this area that might have a good estimate of the funds, whether they are State Fund, Local Grants, Federal Grants and Federal funding, that has been received by the Law Enforcement Agencies of Cape Ann. Don't get me wrong, I am not a person that does not believe in support the local Law Enforcement Community. However, I am a tax payer that really hates to see any individual hired into a public office take advantage of and abuse the public trust place in them to do their job properly. I also do not and cannot support the hiring of any person into a public Law Enforcement job if they do not possess or have a working knowledge of what is the Professional Law Enforcement code of Ethics. I think it is great that these two village idiots have been apprehended. and I hope beyond all reason that Justice will be served when they are brought before the court. And though it is easy to say the Judges that rule in the Gloucester District court are very casual about serving out the proper justice. We need to also remember that these judges rely far too much on the recommendations made by the Prosecutors. Very often you will read of charges being dropped..... and perhaps that the deal that was worked out between the Lawyers involved in the case! For years those involved in the Justice System have allowed justice to be based on LET'S MAKE A DEAL! (OK. Time to do the dishes and step off of the soap box I woke up on this morning!!! LOL)

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