Sunday, November 9, 2008

Law enforcement

Really???!!!! The theft of prescription drugs has been occurring across the state of Massachusetts and the Region for a while and hasn't been publicized lately???? Why not???? Haven't I recently read about Federal Funds supplied to Essex County Law Enforcement agencies to increase pubic awareness about prescription drug abuse??? Detective McCoy, isn't there a Federally funded Anti-Drug Task force located in Cape Ann? What is this Federal Funding being used for if not to increase pubic awareness regarding all illegal drug use. Has any Law Enforcement Agency located in the Cape Ann Area taken any time or used any Federal Funds to make the citizens of the Cape Ann Area aware of what are the new trends of illegal drug use? Have any Law Enforcement Agency in Cape Ann informed the public of the recent and staggering statistics relating to the increase of fatal, accidental, methadone overdoses among teens and other young adults. That these increase of these fatalities coincides with the approval of take home Methadone doses given to some individual enrolled in Methadone treatment clinics. That Methadone tablets have become one of the top pharmaceuticals being illegally abused and sold on the streets EVERYWHERE!!!!! That Methadone tablets are only second to the illegal sale and abuse of benzodiazepines pharmaceuticals, but is quickly becoming the number one killer for those abusing prescription drugs. Has the Public of Cape Ann been notified that their children could be fatally poisoned by someone slipping methadone into something they are drinking? Or giving their son or daughter something to help them with a bad headache? "Oh yeah this is safe, the Doctor prescribed it for my mother's headaches." Don't you think that just maybe there are parent's or other people within the population of Cape Ann that really would like to have this information? Just how many fatal methadone overdoses have there been in the Cape Ann Area? Oh never mind, I forgot, None of the Law Enforcement agencies in the Cape Ann area keep track of or gather statistical information on drug overdoses! Oh and lets not forget how Gloucester PD and the Essex County State Police Investigator assigned to the Essex County District Attorney's Office DO NOT INVESTIGATE ANY FATAL OVERDOSE AS SUSPICIOUS!!! After all it isn't possible that someone could be or would be maliciously poisoned with Methadone or any other illegal drug!! Oh two more questions, where do you think these stolen drugs will end up???? and how many deaths might end up being associated to these stolen drugs? Note to parents: Please educate yourself and your children about Methadone. Check out HARMD on the Internet. It could save a loved ones life!

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