Monday, November 10, 2008

ADG and Beverly Northeast CEO

The following paragraphs are cut from an Editorial published in the Times on October 08, 2008 05:05 am "There are reportedly 28 paintings missing, but only two were found at Galzerano's home. That has the Cape Ann arts community wondering about literally hundreds of art works that have been in Northeast's custody since it took over Addison Gilbert in 1994.""It had been a local tradition, until the merger, for artists to donate works to Addison Gilbert, as a thanks for services rendered, in memory of a family member or as a gift from an estate. There are an estimated 300 such works of art.""What were Galzerano's qualifications for the job he held? So far, there has been no explanation of that, except that he was friends with Northeast CEO Stephen Laverty."(pause for thought)The following Paragraphs are cut from the an article published in the time on October 11, 2008 "Northeast completing detailed inventory of hospital art By Gail McCarthyStaff WriterTed Scharfenstein, president of Addison Gilbert from 1974 to1989, remembered that the hospital's development department kept a detailed inventory of all the artwork with intricate descriptions and photographs. He agreed that Addison Gilbert was rich in artwork — more than most hospitals — because of Cape Ann's extraordinarily rich artistic heritage."A lot of the art came from summer houses when they were being closed down and many people gave artwork or furnishings to the hospital," he recalled. "We acquired a lot of the older pieces that way," he said."(again Pause for thought!) As you can read in the above paragraph Ted Scharfenstein states that people gave art work and FURNISHINGS to the hospital. Obviously both Beverly and AGH are missing some very valuable priceless art work and antiques. And I am sure that well over 50% of those missing pieces have not been reported as stolen or missing! After all if the records showing that an item was gifted to the Hospital is somehow destroyed, how is that item ever going to be reported as missing??? SO logically if the record of ownership no longer exists is it really stolen or missing? So if a greedy overpaid Corporate Officer took a special liking to a priceless antique that for years has been part of the decor of his private office. And this Corporate Officer has knowledge that his office will soon be under construction. He also knows that the ownership records of these items are no longer in existence. And he also decides that there is a very special place in his home, where this item will look so much better! Well, maybe that items disappears and no one ever says anything about it!!!Tell me that no one else find it suspicious that MR Galzerano just happens to have been a personal friend of CEO Laverty? So when the day arrives and the overpaid Corporate Officers of Northeast are let go, would it be to much to ask that those priceless items you have sequestered from the hospitals to your homes be returned? I just might have a somewhat negative personal opinion of most Overpaid CEO's, COO's CFO's and other overpaid Corporate Officers. But I won't loose sleep over it!!!! LOL

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