Monday, November 10, 2008

short response to Welfare bashing

Back in 1986, I returned from Keflavik Icelend. I was living and Working on the Naval base as a (god i hate this term) Dependant wife of an active duty member! ( I had also done my time in the service previous to having moved to Iceland. I was in the Marines then the Navy.) Anyway, I returned because my husband at the time Kidnapped our son and hid him some where near Chicago. The idiots that he worked with had helped him. (and don't think those idiots didn't pay a big price (isolated duty transfer) for giving this assistance) But no matter the short of it all was, returning to this country (no cost to fly back to the US, had to pay my own way to get back to my home state of Massachusetts) Broke. Had to find my son, get him back from that soon to be Xhusband, get Massachusetts to take Jurisdiction of the matter, during a time when most states were not sure if the 1968 uniform child custody act covered parental kidnapping especially if the act happened while the parents were still legally married and or if the act occurred outside of the United States. I also was just plain crazy and had I physically been present when my soon to be X returned to the base without our only child, I would have killed him without hesitation. The wonderful Doctors at the Naval Hospital tried to dope me up on several shots of Valium!!! Didn't come close to relieving the madness that had taken over my whole being. Anyway getting back to the whole point of this post. When I was in the service and working for the Feds earning well over 50,000.00 a year. Never saving a cent (spent all on spoiling child....lessons learned later) I voted for Regan!!! Then I returned to this country and had reality jump up and bite me in the ASS! No money, one sister in area in a abusive marriage without hope of getting out because he had all control over the money. (snorting it all up his nose!) I really had to change my get "get a JOB you Welfare Pig" attitude. I myself ended up applying for housing, Got a job, got fired because finding my son was interfering with working, ended up collecting unemployment. Had to support my sister and her two young boys, help her out of that abusive marriage, get my son back, and took a big social stand on Woman and Children living in Poverty. Spoke out publicly about the Welfare trap, the financial disparity between husband and wife when divorce happens. Testified on Beacon hill about Dead Beat PARENTS!!!! And let me tell those of you that think the majority of people on Welfare want to stay there! You are very wrong, I have worked since I was 13 years old, and began paying taxes at 16. I served my country on active duty for just over 6 years from 1977 to 1984. Never in a million years did I ever think I would have to collect welfare or live in low income housing. But that is just what ended up happening from 1986 to 1990. And I was humbled by those events, and I learned some life long lessons that I know i honestly needed to learn. My narrow mind grew and I am better for that. And I am forever grateful that when I needed help such as Welfare, food stamps and low income housing it was there. now this all happened between 1986 to 1990 for me. And socially I see certain economical events that were happening back then happening now. Increase unemployment, increase homelessness, increase in the number of families living at or below the Federal Poverty level. There is an increase in domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, and crime. Feels like we are all going back in time. I now live as a middle class family, but I constantly worry about dropping down to just above the poverty level. I have home security, and a decent financial situation that is not at this point affected by the blunders on wall street. But I know there are some things in my life that one cannot predict the financial cost. I still have a 13 year old at home and in school. So I guess the point I am making is that no one should judge another until they have walked a lifetime in their steps.

response to lets talk sense G Times News

yes! lets all Thank God our Government realizes that US commercial fishermen are destroying everything in the ocean. And while we're at it we can all sleep better at night knowing that big oil companies are providing homes for all those homeless fish out in the oceans with every offshore platform built on the ocean! (bet a lot of people didn't know there was a homeless fish problem in the oceans! One of the many stupid reasons given by oil companies as to why building offshore oil platforms is an actual benefit to fish ad other marine life. Oil drilling platforms create habitats for fish!) And what planet are you living on, there most certainly are swordfish. Below are two paragraphs taken from the most up to date NOAA FishWatch and the NMFS as it pertains to the North Atlantic Swordfish. "2006 – October stock assessment estimates that biomass of North Atlantic swordfish is approximately 99% of BMSY" "2007 – U.S. regulations are amended implementing two recommendations from ICCAT; establishes baseline quotas and sets caps on the carryover of underharvests; facilitates the transfer of 15% of the North Atlantic swordfish baseline quota into the reserve category, which would allow it to be transferred to other ICCAT parties with quota allocations; also establishes an option for website catch reporting in the angling and charter/headboat groups"So tell me PLEASE!!! just what is the NOAA and NMFS reporting about in this official report?

ADG and Beverly Northeast CEO

The following paragraphs are cut from an Editorial published in the Times on October 08, 2008 05:05 am "There are reportedly 28 paintings missing, but only two were found at Galzerano's home. That has the Cape Ann arts community wondering about literally hundreds of art works that have been in Northeast's custody since it took over Addison Gilbert in 1994.""It had been a local tradition, until the merger, for artists to donate works to Addison Gilbert, as a thanks for services rendered, in memory of a family member or as a gift from an estate. There are an estimated 300 such works of art.""What were Galzerano's qualifications for the job he held? So far, there has been no explanation of that, except that he was friends with Northeast CEO Stephen Laverty."(pause for thought)The following Paragraphs are cut from the an article published in the time on October 11, 2008 "Northeast completing detailed inventory of hospital art By Gail McCarthyStaff WriterTed Scharfenstein, president of Addison Gilbert from 1974 to1989, remembered that the hospital's development department kept a detailed inventory of all the artwork with intricate descriptions and photographs. He agreed that Addison Gilbert was rich in artwork — more than most hospitals — because of Cape Ann's extraordinarily rich artistic heritage."A lot of the art came from summer houses when they were being closed down and many people gave artwork or furnishings to the hospital," he recalled. "We acquired a lot of the older pieces that way," he said."(again Pause for thought!) As you can read in the above paragraph Ted Scharfenstein states that people gave art work and FURNISHINGS to the hospital. Obviously both Beverly and AGH are missing some very valuable priceless art work and antiques. And I am sure that well over 50% of those missing pieces have not been reported as stolen or missing! After all if the records showing that an item was gifted to the Hospital is somehow destroyed, how is that item ever going to be reported as missing??? SO logically if the record of ownership no longer exists is it really stolen or missing? So if a greedy overpaid Corporate Officer took a special liking to a priceless antique that for years has been part of the decor of his private office. And this Corporate Officer has knowledge that his office will soon be under construction. He also knows that the ownership records of these items are no longer in existence. And he also decides that there is a very special place in his home, where this item will look so much better! Well, maybe that items disappears and no one ever says anything about it!!!Tell me that no one else find it suspicious that MR Galzerano just happens to have been a personal friend of CEO Laverty? So when the day arrives and the overpaid Corporate Officers of Northeast are let go, would it be to much to ask that those priceless items you have sequestered from the hospitals to your homes be returned? I just might have a somewhat negative personal opinion of most Overpaid CEO's, COO's CFO's and other overpaid Corporate Officers. But I won't loose sleep over it!!!! LOL

Sunday, November 9, 2008


I have a really great idea about where criminals such as those that victimize children and Gang Members and other such anti social psychopaths should be sent. I think it would be a really great idea if the US Government cleared out Guantanamo Bay detention camp and sent all these undesirables to that camp. I personally feel that criminals such as this couple and those others that are sociopaths and psychopaths should be classified as domestic terrorists and should be sent to that Government facility where they can be lost and never heard from again!!! That in my opinion would be a practical, and successful use of our tax dollars.

Law enforcement

Really???!!!! The theft of prescription drugs has been occurring across the state of Massachusetts and the Region for a while and hasn't been publicized lately???? Why not???? Haven't I recently read about Federal Funds supplied to Essex County Law Enforcement agencies to increase pubic awareness about prescription drug abuse??? Detective McCoy, isn't there a Federally funded Anti-Drug Task force located in Cape Ann? What is this Federal Funding being used for if not to increase pubic awareness regarding all illegal drug use. Has any Law Enforcement Agency located in the Cape Ann Area taken any time or used any Federal Funds to make the citizens of the Cape Ann Area aware of what are the new trends of illegal drug use? Have any Law Enforcement Agency in Cape Ann informed the public of the recent and staggering statistics relating to the increase of fatal, accidental, methadone overdoses among teens and other young adults. That these increase of these fatalities coincides with the approval of take home Methadone doses given to some individual enrolled in Methadone treatment clinics. That Methadone tablets have become one of the top pharmaceuticals being illegally abused and sold on the streets EVERYWHERE!!!!! That Methadone tablets are only second to the illegal sale and abuse of benzodiazepines pharmaceuticals, but is quickly becoming the number one killer for those abusing prescription drugs. Has the Public of Cape Ann been notified that their children could be fatally poisoned by someone slipping methadone into something they are drinking? Or giving their son or daughter something to help them with a bad headache? "Oh yeah this is safe, the Doctor prescribed it for my mother's headaches." Don't you think that just maybe there are parent's or other people within the population of Cape Ann that really would like to have this information? Just how many fatal methadone overdoses have there been in the Cape Ann Area? Oh never mind, I forgot, None of the Law Enforcement agencies in the Cape Ann area keep track of or gather statistical information on drug overdoses! Oh and lets not forget how Gloucester PD and the Essex County State Police Investigator assigned to the Essex County District Attorney's Office DO NOT INVESTIGATE ANY FATAL OVERDOSE AS SUSPICIOUS!!! After all it isn't possible that someone could be or would be maliciously poisoned with Methadone or any other illegal drug!! Oh two more questions, where do you think these stolen drugs will end up???? and how many deaths might end up being associated to these stolen drugs? Note to parents: Please educate yourself and your children about Methadone. Check out HARMD on the Internet. It could save a loved ones life!

law enforcements use of funding

Gloucester and Essex will share $200,000 in anti-gang and anti-youth violence grant money with eight other area cities and towns. This first paragraph is from the Times dtd August 27, 2007. SO my first Question is.... If there is believed to be no Gangs in this Area why did Gloucester apply and receive these State Funds? This following 2 paragraphs are also cut from the above mentioned article; "Gangs don't have borders, so I like the communication part," said Gloucester police Lt. Kathleen Auld, who got the details together for the city's application. "Representatives from the communities meet to discuss the issues in their cities and towns and they decide where to send the officers" hired with the grant.Gloucester applied as a part of the Southern Essex Coalition, a group that includes Beverly, Danvers, Essex, Marblehead, Melrose, Peabody, Salem, Saugus and Swampscott.2nd Question, Lt. Kathleen Auld how many new police officers were hired using these State Funds?3rd Question. Were those officer's that were involved in this arrest part of this Southern-Essex Anti-Gang Coalition? Will the city of Gloucester use part of the anti-gang funds to prosecute these two village idiots???? Has anyone from the Gloucester Police Department supplied a report on how these Funds were used?????? And if someone has, where can I find a copy. After all these funds were supplied by the state, so any reports made are a matter of public record!? RIGHT???!!!! I know that the tax payers in the Cape Ann Area would like to know that the increase of taxes in this area is not due to the misappropriation of State Funds supplied to the Cape Ann area to specifically fund certain activities or programs necessary for keeping the peace and securing the safety of all Cape Ann residents!!!! Is there anyone in this area that might have a good estimate of the funds, whether they are State Fund, Local Grants, Federal Grants and Federal funding, that has been received by the Law Enforcement Agencies of Cape Ann. Don't get me wrong, I am not a person that does not believe in support the local Law Enforcement Community. However, I am a tax payer that really hates to see any individual hired into a public office take advantage of and abuse the public trust place in them to do their job properly. I also do not and cannot support the hiring of any person into a public Law Enforcement job if they do not possess or have a working knowledge of what is the Professional Law Enforcement code of Ethics. I think it is great that these two village idiots have been apprehended. and I hope beyond all reason that Justice will be served when they are brought before the court. And though it is easy to say the Judges that rule in the Gloucester District court are very casual about serving out the proper justice. We need to also remember that these judges rely far too much on the recommendations made by the Prosecutors. Very often you will read of charges being dropped..... and perhaps that the deal that was worked out between the Lawyers involved in the case! For years those involved in the Justice System have allowed justice to be based on LET'S MAKE A DEAL! (OK. Time to do the dishes and step off of the soap box I woke up on this morning!!! LOL)

a post by me about Federal fishing regulations

What??? Are you suggesting that Federal Fish Regulations are at the root of the failing fishing industry that historically populated and successfully financed the Cape Ann Area????? No it can't be!!!????? (above is all very sarcastically written) Perhaps all of Cape Ann needs to be outraged at the Federal Government and the Regulations it has for years placed on the Fishing Communities of New England. Every Year as I look at the changes the FEDS make to these regulations. The fishing regulations become more and more stringent. And if you look back over the years of when this began, any reasonable person of average intelligence can see a systematic Federal Plan to make the New England fisherman and fishing business extinct. It is like a form of economic genocide. Think back just 15 years ago and what the numbers were for those working in the Fishing industry just within the City of Gloucester! Now look at how much those numbers have decreased! An entire work force brought to destruction because of UNREASONABLE federal regulations! Regulations I might add that are NOT internationally supported. An industry that very likely had more independent self supporting workers then any other business industry within the United States. This has not just happened in New England though. It has happen through out all Fishing communities in the United States. Look at the Sword Fishing industry. When the irrational and unreasonable Federal restrictions were finally lifted in that fishing industry. Most of the people that held Federal Licenses for Sword Fishing were no longer in business. Those Americans has to sink or swim financially. And so now who are the people that hold the Federal Licenses to Sword Fishing in American waters???? Well do a Google search about that industry and I am sure most Americans will be shocked and out raged when they find out what happened to those Federal Licenses. No one is actively out raged over what is happening, because it has been happening in a slow but deadly systematic fashion. It just amazes me though, when I think about the outrage and financial support people showed the Farmers Of America when that industry was failing. And now there is the worry and concern for the National Auto companies and the financial downfall of these really huge corporations. People through out this Country should be out rage and start demanding Federal Support for an industry that historically in this nation was one of the largest initial industries that financially backed the growth of this Nation. If the oceans are over fished it is not the American Fishing industry that has done the over fishing. Search the Internet for information related to European fishing Quotas. And while your at it, look up how much fish is now being imported into this county and by whom? Perhaps information like this will light a fuse of outrage in the social conscience of the American public!!!! Note: I cannot even begin to start on the Federal Funds given to Farmers, multi-millionaire Farmers!!! That issue alone makes my blood boil!!!! Talk about wasted tax dollars!!!!!

resonse to article in Gloucester times

Well, let's think about this for a minute! How much Common Sense does the average citizen of Massachusetts possess? Hmmm Well, we don't possess the Common Sense to know how to safely transport children in our vehicles, isn't that why there is a state law requiring all children within a certain age and weight limit be transported in a 5 point Federally approved child safe seat? Oh and we lack the common sense to use seat belts when driving our vehicles, isn't that why a law was passed requiring everyone in a moving vehicle to wear a seat belt?And none of us possess the common sense to make a mentally sound decision regarding the exposure to second hand smoke. And now we are found to be Lacking in dietary common sense!!! Thank God the Government is there to save me from my forever increasing lack of Common Sense!!!! How have any of us continued to survive with out this help!!!!! (All of the above is Sarcastically written) Thank God I have some how been adequately educated to realize such an explanation might be needed!